Locate which grade plan group the course is tied to:
  1. Core > School > Departments & Courses
  2. Using the filters on the right, locate the course.
  3. Edit the course.
  4. Click the Grading tab.
  5. Note the name of the assessment grade plan.
To view the assessment grading period being pulled onto the report card:
  1. Go to onRecord > Performance > Grading > Report Card Builder.
  2. Use the filter to locate the Assessment report card.
  3. Click View in the Filter.
  4. Edit the report card.
  5. Click "Grading Period" on the left.
  6. Note which assessment grading period is pulled on to the report card.
View the grade plan to see what assessment grading period it is tied to:
  1. onRecord > Settings > Grading > School Year Setup.
  2. Use the Filter to locate the School Year, Group Type, School Level, Grade Plan Group.
  3. Click View in the Filter.
  4. Click View for the appropriate grade plan containing the grade or comment.
  5. If the Grading Period does not match the one set to appear on the report card:
    • Click Edit in the top-right.
    • Select the correct Grading Period.
    • Save & Exit.
  6. Click Cancel. Note, this brings you back to the Grad Plans screen and does not cancel any saved changes.
View the Grade Translation to ensure there is a Grade Abbreviation that is entered:
To find which Translation you are using, navigate to:
  1. onRecord > Settings > Grading 
  2. Grade Categories
  3. You will see the Category tied to a Translation
  4. Then navigate to onRecord > Settings > Grading
  5. Select the Grade Translations Tab
  6. Click Edit next to the name of the Grade Translation that is not being displayed
  7. Enter an Abbr. if there is none, this can be the same or different as the Grade Label (this is what will display on the Report Card)
This could also be if there is no Head Teacher selected for the Course.