To remove Roles from Users in Bulk:
  1. Navigate to  Core
  2. Hover over Security > Select Roles
  3. Select the preferred role 
  4. Select  Members
  5. Select Remove for the preferred members
  6. Select Ok
  7. Repeat for other roles if needed

To remove the Role from a Individual User:
  1. Navigate to Core. 
  2. Using People Finder, search for/select the preferred user
  3. Select Role membership
  4. Select Edit in the upper right corner.
  5. Deselect the preferred roles
  6. Select Save & Exit

NOTE: Some roles are managed by membership or enrollment, and cannot be removed via Role Membership.

Some roles can be deleted entirely if they are no longer being used by the school. Examples of these roles are some roles listed under "Other," and/or Cloned roles.

To remove a Role from your database entirely (This cannot be undone.):

  1. Navigate to Core
  2. Hover over Security > Select Roles
  3. Select the preferred role
  4. Select Remove Role 
  5. Select Confirm