Altru adding HTML code to etickets acknowledgments

When adding new HTML source code to your eticket acknowledgements you may notice that Altru has added some HTML code to random spots in the source code after clicking the update button and opening the HTML Source editor up again to review the code
Our Product Development team has reviewed this issue, its impact in the software, and the availability of an alternative solution. After careful consideration, we have determined that this issue will not be addressed currently in the Altru software. Product Development will be focusing development resources in other existing areas of the product, as well as new feature development.
  HTML coding.docx

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate in Sample database
  1. Click web > Default acknowledgement email
  2. Click the view tab > HTML code
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and add in some HTML code
  4. Click update
After clicking update. Close Altru and repeat the above steps to review the code again. Altru may have added numerous '&' sections of code through the HTML Source Editor


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