The Enrollment Management Admissions Calendar (found under Enrollment Management > Home) can be added to an Event Category, and then pulled into a School Created Calendar under Core > Content > Calendar.

To add your Enrollment Management Admissions Calendar to an Event Category:
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management > Home.
  2. Click the Grid View button in the upper right of the calendar.
  3. Click the Feed icon, and copy the Feed URL.
  4. Next, navigate to School Website > Event > Calendar Events.
  5. Click +Add New Category.
  6. Give the category a Name.
  7. For Use iCal URL: select Yes.
  8. Fill in the remaining Add New Category information, then click Save & Close.
  9. Navigate to Core > Content > Calendar.
  10. You can either create a new calendar by clicking +Add Calendar under School Created Calendars, or you can click the yellow pencil/Edit icon to the right of an existing School Created Calendar.
  11. Click the Filters tab.
  12. Click +Add Filters.
  13. Locate the Event Category you created, and click the checkbox to the left of the Category.
  14. Click Save.

How often will the Feed refresh?
  1. Navigate to School Website > Event > Calendar Events, and locate the category you created for your Enrollment Management Admissions Calendar Feed URL.
  2. To the right of the Event Category, under the Refreshed column, you will see the last time this category refreshed. This will check for changes every 15 minutes - but will only refresh if there have been changes that need to be applied. If no changes have been made, the category will not refresh the feed.
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