Cannot continue to next step or click Submit on form - when filling out a Common, Online Admission or Enrollment form

When filling out a Common, Admission or Re-enrollment form, we either cannot submit or move to the next step. There is no error message, and all fields are filled out.
This behavior can happen under a couple different scenarios. It may happen if there is a required field that is hidden from view or if a Validator field is missing the validation warning. 
  1. Sign into NetCommunity website
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer > Forms
  3. Locate the form that is giving an error
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit this form
    • Required and Hidden
    • Note: Hidden fields cannot be required if they do not have a default value. When hidden fields are required, without a default value, the user cannot see the field to fill it out. 
      1. ​Search for sections of the form that is required (red asterisk) and hidden (surrounded by a dotted line)User-added image
      2. Hover over the field and click the Pencil icon to edit it
      3. Click Save to save changes on the field
      4. Repeat for additional fields if needed
      5. Click Save to save your changes on the form
    • Required Hidden by Rules
    • You may create a rule that prevents the field from displaying on the form. You will need to either not make that field required or ensure it is always available for the user to choose a value.  
      1. Search for fields on the form that are required (red asterisks)
      2. Hover over the field and click the Pencil icon to edit it
      3. Confirm if the field has Rules setup in the lower pane. If there are rules, review them to confirm they allow the field to be displayed for the user. Alternatively, you may make the field not required
      4. If changes are made, click Save to save the field
      5. Repeat for addition fields
      6. Click Save to save your changes on the form
    • Validator Field Missing Validation Message
    • If there is a field that requires validation, but no validation message is set, the user may not meet the validation requirements, but can't see which field is the issue. A common example of this would be for text fields using date format validation. If you require that a field like this have data entered in the format M/D/YYYY, but the site visitor fills in the field with '02/05/95', the form will not submit (because the date is not in the correct format), but if you don't provide a validation warning message, the user will not know why the form did not submit.
      1. ​​Click the pencil icon next a field on you form
      2. Confirm if Validation is required
      3. If Validation is enabled, confirm a Validation message is listed
      4. Click Save to save the field
      5. Repeat for other fields on the form
      6. Click Save to save your changes on the form
Note: You may need to perform a combination of the suggestions listed above and review all the fields on your form until you find the offending field.

You might enter a validation warning message like "Please enter a date in the format M/D/YYYY (ex: 06/15/88)"


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