Online Express can generate eReceipts for donations and event registrations to save time issuing those from The Raiser's Edge. Currently, the receipt is a standard template. The US and Canadian versions do vary slightly to meet each country's charitable receipting requirements.

Set up receipt options:
1. In The Raiser's Edge, click on Online Express in the left navigation menu.
2. Click on Account in the upper right.
3. Select Receipt Options.
4. Set a starting receipt number.
  • For the Canadian version of RE, also select a Receipt Stack to be used only by Online Express. (Tip: Consider creating a receipt stack called Online Express (OLX for short).
5. Set the recurring gift/pledge option if desired.
6. Enter the remaining fields as it should appear on the receipt:
  • US version of RE: Include your organization's Tax ID number.
  • Canadian Version of RE: Include your Organization Registration Number, Authorized Staff Member (name and title), and a jpeg file of the staff member's signature.
7. Add a logo file.
8. Click Save.
Sample Organization Receipt Set-up

Add receipt links to donation and event registration forms:
1. In Online Express, click on Donations at the top.
2. Start a new form, or click Edit to open an existing form.
3. Scroll to the bottom of the 1 Get started tab.
4. Mark Generate receipts for this form.
5. Click Save and then 5 Thank yous tab (if editing) or Save & continue (if a new form).
6. On the Thank yous tab, click on the top box to edit the email (what is sent to the donor).
7. From each, click the Insert tab and then click Merge Fields.
8. Add the fields for <eReceipt Link> and <eReceipt Number>.
9. Edit the text as desired. (Note: The receipt is a standard template. Use the email to say what you wish to the donor.)
10. Scroll down and click on bottom box to edit the confirmation (what appears on the page after the donation is complete).
11. Repeat steps 7 - 9.
12. Click Save to save the updates.
13. Click Save & close (if finished editing the form) or Save & continue (if a new form).

Add eReceipt links

How the receipts will appear
Online Express will create a PDF document and will generate a unique URL for the document. The eReceipt will be available as a link from the email or form confirmation. When setting up the form, it's important to add the eReceipt information to the confirmations so the donor/registrant will receive it. Once added, the eReceipt merge field appears as a link in the email confirmation / form confirmation as follows: eReceipt

The receipt itself is currently a standard template. However, the email text and form confirmation text can be edited to create a customized message.

eReceipt information will download on the gift / event payment as a gift attribute. The full link of the eReceipt will be present on the attribute. The gift / event payment will also download with the Receipt status of Receipted.

Donation eReceipt example:
donation sample eReceipt

Event registration eReceipt sample (This is for an event unit of $100 with an $80 receipt amount. The eReceipt will break out each portion. On the Canadian version of the eReceipt, the Non-taxable value is called "Advantage Value" in accordance with CRA terminology.)
event eReceipt example