When a parent fills out an application for a candidate and there are two distinct households, one in which the child resides and the other in which they do not, the application will be filled out and processed as follows:
  1. Parent 1 will fill out the application on behalf of the candidate
  2. In the Family section of the application, when entering the 2nd parent, if that parent resides in a different household, they will skip Parent 2 and select + Add AnotherUser-added image
  3. This will bring up the 2nd Household with a new designation for Parent 1 and Parent 2
  4. The parent filling out the application will enter the 2nd parent's information as Parent 1 in Household 2 along with any step-parent information indicated as Parent 2 in the second household.User-added image
  5. If the candidate resides in both households the selection for Address Same as Applicant and Resides With can be checked to Yes
  6. If the candidate only resides in Household 1, then both Address Same as Applicant and Resides With can be set to No in Household 2
  7. When the application has been submitted, the system will create the candidate profile and the Parent 1 profile in Core
  8. Once the application has been processed in Enrollment management How to Process an Application? Parent 1 and/or Parent 2 in Household 2 will be added as a user in Core