To create a list of Candidates who have been Guided By Other:
  1. Navigate to Analisis > Manage Lists 
  2. Click Manage Basic and Advanced list
  3. Click the Add button and select Create Advanced List
  4. In the Select Objects tab, expand Constituent Information and select the following in this order:
  • User Base
  • User Role
  1. Expand the Admissions object and select the following in this order:
  • Candidate
  • Candidate Checklist 
  • Candidate Checklist Item
  • Candidate Visit
  1. In the Display Fields tab, click on Select Fields
  2. In the Select Display Fields popup, expand User Base and select the following fields:
  • User Base.First Name
  • User.Base.Last Name
  1. Expand User Role and select User Role.Role
  2. Expand Candidate > Candidate Checklist > Candidate Checklist Item and select Checklist_Item
  3. Expand Candidate Visit and select Guided by Other
  4. In the Filters tab, under Global Filters, add a row for User Role.Role is any of Candidate
  5. Add another Global Filter for Candidate Checklist Item.checklist_item is any of Shadow Visit
  6. Select Preview to verify the information is correctly displayed
  7. Enter a Name for the list and Description if applicable
  8. Select Save