1. Create a New Site in onMessage

Create New

2. Name the site. This is for naming within onMessage and should not be the URL. ExampleSummer Gala. There is a option to select Site Status while naming the Site, you can change this Status later if needed. The Statuses and their definitions are:
- accessible through URL but invisible to search engines and crawlers
Offline - only accessible when logged into onMessage
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Note: It may take up to 10 minutes for your staging domain to become active

3. Click Site Settings to see more details

Site Settings

4. If Staging is Selected, the staging URL will be in the following format: SITENAME.SCHOOLNAME.onmessagestaging.com

General Setup

The staging URL can be used to access the site without creating any DNS/CNAME entries.

SITENAME = The site name in Red can be any single word or number but must be unique to all other sites (this is the name input when creating the site as shown in step 2)

SCHOOLNAME : Your school name will be the part in front of “myschoolapp.com”. For example, if your school URL is https://www.k12school.org, your school name would be K12School”.

5. When you are ready to make the site accessible using your new site URL (i.e. change from Staging or Offline, to Live):

a) Add the URL you would like to use as the new site URL via onMessage > Website > Site Name>  Site Settings

b) Click the Editing Pencil for the Site URL and input the URL such as summergala.k12school.org

Site URL

c) Open a ticket with our support team letting them know you have a new site in onMessage ready to go live and that you are requesting a SSL certificate to be issued for the domain.  Note: The changes to the DNS must be completed before an SSL Certificate can be issued for the domain

d) Follow our guide, How do I Make DNS Changes for My onMessage Website, to create the appropriate DNS entries. 

How to contact BB L-12 Support: How do I submit a support ticket for K-12 Support?