Should Grades and Comments Section Report display paragraph formatting in the Grades and Comments - By Section report?

Teachers have comments formatted a specific way when entered and this formatting comes though when you look at a student's report card. Shouldn't this same formatting come through when you look at reports containing comments also?

This has been reported to our development team to be addressed. In the interim, we recommend setting the Grading Comment(s) on the Grade Plan to use HTML. The line breaks will render appropriately in the report.

Steps to Duplicate

As Grading Manager:
  1. Navigate to Academics > Grades > Grading Setup > School year setup.
  2. Edit a Grade Plan that does not have any grades recorded yet
  3. Set Grading Comment on Grade Plan to use Plain Text
  4. Extend the Grading End Date, if necessary, in order for the Teacher to access the Grades and Comments - By Section report
As Teacher:
  1. Navigate to Faculty > My Day > Schedule & Performance
  2. Click the link to the open Grade Plan
  3. Enter a Grading Comment for a student with at least two paragraphs, adding two hard returns between them
  4. Click Save & Close
  5. Click on the User-added image icon (Section Grades - By Student report) to the left of the student's name - the paragraphs display correctly
  6. Close the report
  7. Click the 'Run Grading Reports' button
  8. Select Grades and Comments - By Section
  9. Scroll to the student who has the two paragraphs - the line breaks are not rendered and it is just one paragraph

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