If you want to assign a role to a group of users that have a specific role already, this can be done in bulk by following these steps.
  1. As a Platform Manager from the Menu drop down in the top left, select Core
  2. From the Security drop-down, select Roles
  3. Click on the new role you want to assign to the role group
Note: This will only work for Product roles, such as Manager roles, as roles requiring Enrollment or Employment cannot be assigned through the Manage Roles task
  1. Under Role to the left, click Members
  2. Click the Add button
  3. From the Role drop-down, select the role of the users you want to assign this new role to
  4. Under Search Resultsclick the >> link next to the name of each user to be assigned the role
  5. Once all of the users you want to have the new role are listed under Added Users, click the Save & Exit button