To add a popup video link to a Links category:
  1. Select School Website or Core from the menu in the top left
  2. From the Content drop down, select Media
  3. Open the Videos tab
  4. Search for the video category of the video you want and click the category title
  5. Next to the video you want, click the URL button
  6. Copy the link related to the site to which you want the link to bring the user
  7. From the Content drop down, select Additional Content Types
  8. Open the Links tab
  9. Create a new category using the Add New Category button, or click the plus button next to an existing category
  10. Enter a Title for the link and paste the URL of the video page into the URL field
  11. Click the Save button
This Links category can now be added to your website wherever you'd like, and the link will bring the user to the selected page where the video plays in a lightbox.