First add the item to Content:
  1. Navigate to School Website > Content > Additional content types > Uploads (misc)
  2. Select Add to upload the Video
  3. Ensure the file has no spaces or special characters in the file name, otherwise this may not render the video correctly on the website.

Once the Video is added, copy the URL by clicking on the Blue Link in Misc Uploads, and then we will need to add the Video to the Emergency bulletin.

To add an emergency bulletin:
  1. Navigate to Core > Communication > Emergency Bulletin
  2. Select Add bulletin
  3. Bulletin Title and Emergency Message are required (you can just enter a Title and leave the message for just the HTML if you don't want to input a Message in Addition to the Title)
  4. In the Emergency Message box, click the HTML button  and add the following code, the URL will go between the quotation marks for example: 
    <iframe width="420"height="315" src="http://URL GOES HERE"> </iframe>
  5. You can make adjustments to the Video size by adjusting the Width and Height of the Iframe
  6. Select Display as: Lightbox
  7. Select the checkbox next to onMessage Website: User-added imageWebsite Name Other optional information you can add: Page URL (to direct the user to a link associated with the bulletin) Status (choose the date it should begin and end) Display as (Lightbox and/or Banner) Publish (choose where you would like the bulletin to be viewed)
  8.  If you have multiple bulletins, click save & add another. If not, click save & close.

Once the Video is added you can style the way the Lightbox displays to do this navigate to:
  1. School Website > Website Management > Websites > Main Site > Styles
  2. Select Emergency Bulletin, this is where you can choose the fonts colors etc.