If an Alumni wants to reapply there are several scenarios that can happen:

1. Alumni reapplies and creates a new candidate record along with the existing Alumni record, and the school wants to remove the existing Alumni record.
  • An Alumni record and a Candidate Record cannot be merged in Potential Duplicate Users
  • If the Alumni does not have grades or credits or a report card or transcript, the previous courses can be dropped and the Alumni record can be deleted. 
  • If paper grading records exist, and the school wants to add these to the new candidate record, these can be entered as transfer grades.
2. Alumni reapplies and creates a new candidate record, and the school wants to discard the candidate record.
  • The Alumni can be re-enrolled in Core > People Finder > Access > Click the Edit Pencil under Personas > Withdraw to create a Past Student role.
  • Once the Past Student role is created, the school can create a PDF file of the application and download it to the Past Student profile in Forms
  • Once this is complete, the Candidate record can be deleted.
  • The Past Student can be re-enrolled in Core when the school is ready.