Issues entering a default value for Comment in an Interaction Batch

It is possible to set default values for fields in Batch.  When working in an Interaction batch, you may notice that you are unable to enter a default for the Comment field.  This only occurs when you have already set a default for the Summary field.  
Enter the default for Comment first before adding a default for Summary

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Log-in to 4.0.
2.  Go to Constituents, Batch Entry, Batch Templates, and click to Add an Interaction Batch. 
3.  On the 'Select fields and defaults' tab, move Comment over to the right window pane.
4.  Select Summary and enter a default.  
5.  Select Comment and attempt to enter a default. Notice you cannot enter any characters for a Comment default.

*If you cancel out of this batch, attempt to add another Interactions batch, and attempt to add a default to Comment first before Summary it will work without issue 


 Blackbaud CRM

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