To add Ethnicity you will need to add the User Citizenship/Residency Object for each User Base you want it to display for.
  1. Navigate to Analysis >  Manage Lists
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions
  3. Click edit into the List you would like to add the Ethnicity to
  4. In Select Objects under Constituent Information select User Citizenship/Residency
  5. Once you select the User Citizenship/Residency Object, a box will pop up that will ask you to select a Parent Object to tie the Citizenship Object to.
  6. Select the correct User Base that you would like to add the Ethnicity Object to, and click Select
Note: If you only want users that have a Ethnicity selected in their profile to display on the list then leave the Inner checkbox selected for each Citizenship/Residency Object.
If you want all users even if they have no Ethnicity, then de select the Inner Join for each Citizenship/Residency Object.
  1. Select the Display fields tab
  2. Click Select Fields
  3. Expand the Objects until you see the User Citizenship/Residency Object you added to your User Base
  4. Select Ethnicity
  5. Click Select