Group Sales Life Cycle:
  • Prepayment (before group arrives):
    • Debit Cash account
    • Credit Unearned Revenue account
  • Group is checked in: 
    • Debit Unearned Revenue account
    • Credit Revenue account
  • Payments after check in: 
    • Debit Cash account
    • Credit Revenue account

ActionAccount TypeDebitCredit
Reservation Created for total of $500 and initial payment of $100 made (leaving balance of $400). This occurs on payment GL tab:Cash Account$100 
 Unearned Revenue Account $100
Visit Date and another payment made of $200 (leaving balance of $200). This occurs on the order GL tab:Cash Account$200 
 Revenue Account $200
Visit Date and group sale is checked in to move original payment from Unearned to Earned revenue. This occurs on the order GL tab:Unearned Revenue Account$100 
 Revenue Account $100
Visit Date balance left of $200. This occurs on the order GL tab: Accounts Receivable Account$200 
 Revenue Account $200
After Visit payment made for $200 to move balance from Accounts Receivable. This occurs on the payment GL tab: Cash Account$200 
 Accounts Receivable Account $200