Group Page Access for all group types is in one location to streamline the task.
Note: When setting access, the options selected are for all pages by default. Custom Access for Individual Pages will be set if the section is selected from the "Classes" drop down menu. This feature autosaves.

To reach the setting you must have the Academic Group Manager role:

  1. Navigate to Core > Security > Group Page Access
Note the tabbed layout, each tab representing each Group Type your school has installed (Academics, Advisory, Dorm, etc.).
  1. Select the Group Type tab you would like to set access for
  2. Select how access for the group pages should be set - by default for all (School Levels) or customized individually (Individual [Group Type])

By School Levels (Default access for all sections of the selected Group Type):

  1. Select the School Year from the drop down (default is the Current School Year)
  2. Select the School Level from the drop down
  3. For each role added under "Access Type" you will be able to assign access or keep the content hidden
  4. Click Add Access to add a user role
  5. Access is granted to the Bulletin Board, Topics, Assignments and Roster by default
  6. Click on the checkmark(s) for the items you wish to hide access to
  7. For user roles that you want to only see what group pages they may be tied to, but not have access to the details on the page, select the List Only option
  8. If you wish to remove access for a specific role, click the User-added image icon to the right of the Start Date
  9. If desired, modify the Start Date each role will begin to have access to the group page - this is an "inline edit" field so you need only click on the date to access the popup calendar to make a date selection.
NOTE: This is helpful if you want to give access to users with a particular role prior to anyone else. For example, you may want teachers to have access before giving access to students and parents. You can add a future date for those roles and they will be able to access their group pages automatically once that date has been reached.
Note: The Bulletin Board must be enabled for users to see the page. At this time if only Topics, Assignments or Roster is selected, the user will see the page listed but will not be able to click on it.

For Group Page Options (iCal, RSS feeds, Audio Podcast) and Bulletin Board default layout instructions, refer to the following articles:

How do I set my Group Page Options?

How do I set the default layout for Bulletin Boards?

By Individual [Group Type]:

  1.  Select Individual [Group Type], e.g., "Individual Classes" for the Academic Group Type, "Individual Teams" for the Athletic Group Type
  2. From the [Group Type] drop down to the right of the School Level drop down, select the section that needs Custom Access
  3. Click the Add Access button
  4. Mark the user roles you would like to grant access to
  5. Click Add Access
  6. If you wish to remove access for a specific role, click the User-added image icon to the right of the Start Date
  7. Mark/unmark the appropriate column(s) for the level of access you would like that constituent to have
  8. If desired, modify the Start Date(s) the roles will start to have access (default is today's date)
Note: Custom access is created the moment the group is selected from the drop down. If a group is selected, the title will change in the drop down to end with (C). This is to indicate the group now has custom access applied to it. Changes made to the group pages under "School Levels" will not impact those with custom access.